August 21, 2013

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August 21, 2013

Natalie & Tim

Natalie & Tim’s wedding was such a sweet and intimate affair with family and friends flying in from all over the US!  Having met and dated in Hollywood, it only made sense for them to celebrate their union in the heart of Tinseltown at The Redbury.  I’m sure the party lasted until the wee hours of the morning!

Photos courtesy of Priscila Valentina


*special thanks to…*

Ceremony: The Arboretum / Reception: The Redbury / Photography: Priscila Valentina / Videography: Triple D Productions / Ceremony Musicians: Adagio Strings

August 16, 2013

Vivian & Han

I think I may have found my future wedding dress… but since this one’s custom made for Vivian, I’ll just have to study it for inspiration when the time comes!  The classic, romantic beauty of her dress was a perfect representation of the simple, yet gorgeous vision for her wedding, at none other than The London in West Hollywood.

Perfectly captured by Henry of Human Artwork

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Ceremony & Reception: The London West Hollywood / Photography: Human Artwork / Videography: The Seven Production / Florist: Best Wishes Flower / DJ & MC: JK Entertainment / Lighting & Draping: Event Plus / Wedding Dress & Bridesmaids: Atelier by Dawn

August 7, 2013

Jina & Jesse

It’s not often that we get to work closely with the groom in planning the wedding, but along with Jina, Jesse was all hands on deck to make sure his wedding day went smoothly and perfectly!  He had so many special moments planned for his bride, of which a secret plan involving Flash Mob America was the big surprise of the night!  Jina had mentioned early on that it would be great to have a flash mob surprise their guests at the wedding, but Jesse persuaded her that it would be stressful and impossible to organize.  Jina quickly put away the idea, while behind closed doors, Jesse feverishly planned with FMA and ourselves to make Jina’s flash mob wedding dream come true.  He even had a code word for it: AUDI … just in case Jina got a whiff of anything, since Jesse loves cars… nice ones.  Which brings me to our next secret surprise mission of the night ~ a performance by the groom himself ~ code word: TESLA.  Now, how awesome would it have been if Jina had something up her sleeve all along and surprised Jesse!  But things like that only happen in the movies… or on Friends!!  In any case, Jina’s reactions were well worth all the secrecy!

Photos courtesy of Eric Fung

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Same-Day Edit by Pixel Film Studios

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Ceremony & Reception: Skirball Cultural Center / Photography: Eric Fung / Videography: Pixel Film Studios / Florist: La Fleur by Tracy / DJ & MC: Feet First Entertainment / Lighting: Dress My Party / Hair & Make-up: Kelly Zhang / Dress: Wedding Time / Flash Mob: Flash Mob America + Guests of Jina & Jesse

July 31, 2013

Casal 20: Part 2

Juliana & Sanghak’s formal engagement photo session ~ White August Photography

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July 24, 2013

Casal 20

Sometimes two really nice, good-looking people meet and fall in love. Then these two people decide to get married and take engagement photos that come out so well it makes you wonder if they’re actors onset of a Korean drama.  But no, they’re just Juliana & Sanghak, two native Brazilians who met in LA, speak Portuguese and make you wish you could too.  Ends up Juliana and I had a few mutual friends, but only just recently crossed paths as it came time to plan her wedding!

Enjoy part one of Sanghak & Ju’s engagement photos, taken by Brian of White August Photography.

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July 17, 2013

Perfect Balance

You’ve probably heard of birth order and how what position/number child you’re born as in your family has a strong affect on how your personality develops.  Some of you may disagree, and you’re entitled to your own opinions, but I believe much of what these studies shows is true.  Now why would I bring this up in a blog about weddings and happy couples?

Well, when we met Jina & Jesse, I couldn’t help but think how applicable certain characteristics were for each of them.  Jina, the youngest, seemed very fun-loving and lightened Jesse’s more serious, organized firstborn tendencies.  Add onto that the idea that couples with firstborn-youngest pairings seem to match well and balance each other out, and you’ve got Jina & Jesse!

Being native Angelenos, they chose to take their photos in two very iconic LA locations ~ Union Station and Santa Monica.  Now as you look through their engagement photos, taken by Eric Fung, doesn’t it seem like they’re in a (Korean) drama?!  So dramatic and romantic, just like Jesse :p

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July 10, 2013

Jean & Dan

Now that it’s July, the hot LA summer has definitely arrived!   Now it’s time to enjoy the sun and maybe get a tan!

To start us off this summer, here’s a wedding with a bright pop of coral color, as featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs!  We were referred by a mutual friend, and Jean & Stanley happened to be guests as well!  Jean & Dan actually attended UCLA together and had mutual friends, but it wasn’t until a couple years ago when their paths crossed again at church, that they began dating.  So as cliche as this sounds, timing was everything in the case of these two!

Photos taken by Caroline Tran

los-angeles-ebell-wedding-photo-10los-angeles-ebell-wedding-photo-11 jd018-018-005370-R1-002 jd007-007-B73C6825 los-angeles-ebell-wedding-photo-16  los-angeles-ebell-wedding-photo-31 jd220-220-005374-R1-010 los-angeles-ebell-wedding-photo-21 jd424-424-000053820011 los-angeles-ebell-wedding-photo-36


 jd430-430-B73C7358 jd517-512-B73C7547 jd428-428-B73C7354


*special thanks to…*

Ceremony & Reception: Wilshire Ebell Theatre / Photography: Caroline Tran  / Florist: La Petite Gardenia / Dress: Vera Wang / Bridesmaids: Anthropologie / DJ & MC: Prokreation Productions /  Cake & Desserts: Sweet & Saucy Shop / Make-up: Kelly Yi / Photobooth: Poetry Booths

April 24, 2013

Yishan & Mike: 1 Year Later

One of our past grooms sent us a video today that we are so excited to share!  Mike enlisted the help of the Boyers Production to put together a video as a gift for Yishan as they celebrated their 1st Anniversary on Sunday!  It was such a thoughtful gift (Good job Mike!), especially since they didn’t have a videographer on the day-of.  All the memories were perfectly captured through the photos taken by Elizabeth Lloyd and video footage collected from friends and family, which the Boyers compiled beautifully to relive their wedding day.

April 10, 2013

Minhee & Terry

One of my last weddings in LA, was for none other than Minhee and Terry! This wedding meant a lot to me because not only was it for one of my best friends who I love and respect so much, but I was honored to be a bridesmaid, have my son be one of the ring bearers, help plan and have coordinate the wedding. It was also significant because soon after this wedding, both Minhee and I moved out of state to begin the next chapter of our lives. I’m so glad that we could celebrate this milestone as well as adventure together, she in Missouri and I in Texas, as we support our husbands and enjoy married life! It’s also nice to have a friend in the same time zone!

After dating for almost a decade, I had been looking forward to finally see [how] Minhee & Terry tie the knot. They did not disappoint… what an awesome, laughter-filled, fun night it was! Not only was Minhee & Terry’s wedding beautiful, it was a day that really showcased who the two are as individuals and how they complement each other as a couple. I’m sure I can speak for everyone present that Minhee and Terry’s wedding will go down on their list of “one of the best weddings ever!” Many great friendships and memories were formed that night. 🙂

A memorable moment that still makes me laugh was during the ceremony. One of the geronimo balloons popped and Minhee let out a SCREAM which erupted into uncontrollable laughter! It really set the tone and only Minhee could create an environment that was so entertaining and touching at the same time. One thing’s for sure, no matter how tough a day Terry may have, he can always count on Minhee to bring a smile to his face. In turn, Terry is the perfect partner for Minhee. You may recall from the e-session post, how sweet and thoughtful he is. He really will do anything for this girl and I mean ANYTHING, like learn the “Gangnam Style” dance for a surprise performance! Minhee had us, the bridal party, learn the dance and perform too, but I was pleasantly surprised to see Terry’s willingness to do it for her and then to actually see him dance – and dance well! Lol! It was awesome!




*with all my brides & grooms, if I’m lucky enough, I get to witness their first look.  so sweet and lovely*121012_m&t_00195




121012_m&t_00508121012_m&t_00502121012_m&t_00534 121012_m&t_00538-2

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“Gangnam Style” dance performed by the bridal party… guests were invited up to join!
121012_m&t_00573There’s a picture from the engagement post where Minhee has ice cream in Terry’s face. Now it’s cake! 121012_m&t_00630



I love you guys! Congrats!


*special thanks to…*

Ceremony & Reception: Marvimon / Catering: Primal Alchemy / Photography: Amy & Stuart  / Videography: Solefire Films / Florist: Flower Allie / Dress: Monique Lhuillier / DJ & MC: All The Above Events /  Cakery: Porto’s Bakery / Hair & Make-up: Galleria Wedding/ Photobooth: Cheesy Photobooths / Rentals: AAA Rents & Events